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Mexico Air Ambulance

Medical Transport Process

We Are Mexico´s Leading Air Ambulance Service!


Jet Rescue  was founded in 1994 by experts in the air medical transportation industry who understand the stress and complexity involved with arranging an air ambulance flight and who will go above and beyond to make your experience safe, simple, and smart.


We know that selecting the right air ambulance service can be one of the most difficult challenges you may ever face in your lifetime.


With so many different companies to choose from, offering basically the same, most of the time price is the key element to take a decision.People are used to looking for air transportation based on price, just as they may do for personal travel. But air ambulance flights involve more than air transportation. Medevac services and air ambulances operate under difficult and often changing circumstances.

Also, there is little government or other regulatory oversight of the air ambulance industry specially in Mexico. It is very important for consumers to ask questions before making a decision.

Mexico Air ambulance|air ambulance mexico|Jet Rescue

Bedside to Bedside service

All our medical flights are bedside to bedside and include:


  • Ground Ambulance in both ends

  • The most modern medical equipment

  • Highly trained medical crew

  • All disposable supplies

  • All medications including oxygen

  • Basic  catering for travel companions

  • On-board Entertainment 

  • All flights conducted on modern Lear jets

  • All related fees , Mexico permits and Customs

Guaranteed 60 Minutes Emergency Response


Having the Best Response time of the industry we can depart immediately to international popular destinations.


  • Canada

  • Caribbean including Cuba

  • Mexico and Central America

  • South America

Mexico Air Ambulance|Air ambulance Mexico

Why use us our Mexico Air Ambulance?


Although must air ambulance companies seem to be the same, We are Not.

  • All our staff has been selected not only based on their technical skills, but for their human approach and care.

  • We understand that you are going thru a very stressfull  and difficult situation and we are here to help.

  • We will guide you step by step to sort every obstacle encountered, in order to succesfully transport your patient.

  • Unlike most air ambulance companies We own and operate all our aircraft.This guarantees a high level of safey and operational control. 

  • We are  one of the few  air ambulance companies that operate truly Long-range aircraft including the Learjet 55ER.

  • We are Accreditted by the Europan Aeromedical Institute (EURAMI)

  • Our Medical Director gets involved n 100% of the flights , no matter date or time.

  • All our flight teams have been trained in Flight physiology and aircraft emergency porcedures.

  • The equipment on board our medical jets is by far the most modern medical equipment in the industry.

  • We are the most experienced air ambulance service in Mexico ,we have succesfully transported more than 5000 flights around the world.


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