air ambulance insurance mexico
air ambulance insurance mexico

air ambulance insurance mexico

air ambulance insurance mexico
air ambulance insurance mexico

air ambulance insurance mexico


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Mexico Air Ambulance Insurance

Do you have private insurance?
Wondering if your plan covers an air ambulance transfer?
Let us deal with the insurance headache!, we understand your stressful situation.
In a medical crisis, you rely on your health insurance to stand by you and provide the services essential for your treatment and recovery. Sometimes it's not that easy. If you don't fully understand your benefits, you may be denied coverage to which you're entitled. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you understand your health insurance policy with the goal of securing coverage when you need it the most.
Insurance coverage on air ambulance flights is determined on a case by case basis. From the moment you call, we begin researching your health insurance coverage, identifying benefits and exclusions. For most, reading through insurance policies can be challenging and time consuming, leaving the reader without a definitive answer whether air ambulance service is a covered benefit or not.
There are numerous factors that come into play when establishing whether or not the air ambulance service is covered. You must know the right questions to ask and be able to interpret the answers in order to confirm if you truly do have coverage. Each patient’s condition and policy benefits are unique. Our Insurance Air Ambulance Specialists have the experience and can determine if your claim will be accepted or rejected.
One key factor in the insurance approval process is determining if the Air Ambulance is deemed “Medically Necessary”.
What is “Medical Necessity”?
The American Medical Association developed the “Model Managed Care Contract.” Based on this Model, it was determine that Medical Necessity is defined as follows:
"Health care or services that a prudent physician would provide to a patient for the purposes of preventing, diagnosing, or treating an illness, injury, disease, or its symptoms in a manner that is:
- In accordance with generally accepted standards of medical practice;-Clinically appropriate in terms of frequency, extent, site, and duration; and
-Not primarily for the economic benefit of the health plans and purchasers or for the convenience of the patient, treating physician, or other health care provider. "
Determining Medical Necessity:
 Although a key factor to establish, is only one of many challenges that the family faces in getting their claim paid. Jet Rescue Air Ambulance has insurance specialists that will navigate the complex bureaucracy  and red tape inside insurance companies and take the stress away from you. Most air ambulance companies let you struggle for reimbursement on your own. Jet Rescue Worldwide Air Ambulance will make every attempt to confirm your coverage, determine the likelihood of your benefit to be paid and finally we will file, track, appeal and continue to see the entire process through to the end.
Even If the attending physician gives a letter of Medical Necessity to the patient or family, this does not guarantee payment of the Air Ambulance flight. Your benefit contract often leaves sole discretion of necessity to the Medical Director of the insurance company. Your doctor may say that a certain procedure or service is required but the doctor at the insurance company may say otherwise. At this point you are left with very few options. This is where our air ambulance insurance specialists get to work. We will continue to pursue payment until the very end while you stay focused on your loved one; not distracted by insurance frustrations.


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